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The Team



Amy was introduced to the paranormal at a very young age. Growing up in a extremely active haunted house , it became just part of everyday life and still is to this day.  Even with all the paranormal goings on around her, Amy still claims to be a skeptic believer. "I want it to be real, but at the same time I need to see and experience it before I can give say for sure, Yes that's actually happening"



Dave has never had a true paranormal experience, but he has always been fascinated by mysteries, and has a true thirst for knowledge. Dave has a passion for learning as much as he can about everything occult, paranormal and spiritual.



Growing up in the same haunted house as Amy, Chad too was introduced to the paranormal at a very young age. He also claims to be skeptical though, and although he wants to believe in a lot of the paranormal he wants to make sure he has all the information he can.

ELI  Sept. 7 1990 - April 23, 2022


Our family is devastated at the loss of an awesome brother, and friend. We are so thankful to all the love and support you have shown Eli as he battled his cancer and that you have shown us as we go through our loss.   FUCK CANCER!!!!!

Eli has experienced the paranormal at many points in his life. and it has fascinated him ever since. He is excited to learn all he can about everything paranormal! 

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